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Prestashop Dropshipping Bihr Addon

BIHR is a EUROPEAN LEADER IN MOTORCYCLE PARTS FOR PROFESSIONALS. Manufacturer of motorcycle spare parts for more than 350 brands, existing since 1975, present in 20 countries.

If you own a PrestaShop CMS and need to sell Bihr products on your online shop this module addon is for you !

Compatible PrestaShop V1.5, 1.6, 1.7 and 8.0x

Prestashop Module Dropshipping Bihr Addon

Easy integration of Bihr on PrestaShop for Dropshipping

Discover the new PrestaShop module, designed specifically for motorcycle product merchants. This revolutionary module simplifies the integration of products from Bihr, a leader in the field of motorcycle equipment and accessories. Thanks to this module, PrestaShop users can now easily import Bihr's wide range of products, including their detailed specifications, for effective dropshipping sales.

Dropshipping with Bihr allows for direct, hassle-free delivery to the end customer. This means merchants can offer Bihr's entire product catalog without worrying about storage or shipping management.

Bihr offers a complete assortment for motorcycle enthusiasts:

  1. Motorcycle and Scooter Equipment: Everything for the motorcycle, from handlebars to safety equipment, including lighting systems and aesthetic accessories.
  2. Selection for Quads: From traction elements to protective accessories, everything a quad needs for optimal performance.
  3. Vintage Collection: An assortment dedicated to retro style lovers, including classic style handlebars, exhausts and accessories.
  4. Street Equipment: A complete range for urban bikers, including protective clothing, boots and communication accessories.
  5. Off-Road Equipment: For off-road enthusiasts, a selection of helmets, protections and specialized accessories.
  6. Sportswear and Accessories: From casual clothing to protection, a range to stay stylish and safe.
  7. Consumables and Spare Parts: Everything you need to maintain your motorcycle, from bulbs to brake kits.
  8. Exhaust Systems: A variety of options to optimize the performance of your motorcycle.
  9. Technical Parts: From intake to suspension elements, all necessary technical parts.
  10. Maintenance and Cleaning: Products to keep your motorcycle in perfect condition.
  11. Tools: A complete range of tools for maintenance and repair.
  12. Transport and Garage Equipment: Solutions for the transport and storage of your motorcycle.

This PrestaShop module offers more than 160,000 product references, covering all the needs of motorcyclists, whether they are road, cross, quad or scooter enthusiasts. The impressive list of brands includes BIHR, V PARTS, ART, and many more, ensuring quality and diversity.




Please watch the demonstration of our module on our Youtube channel

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Synchronize your store with +160 000 accessories and spare parts motorcycle from Bihr


Bihr provide an API to all their Pro customers to help you to connect and import their products, this module will help you to do it within few minutes. Save time and headeache!

About module Bihr

PrestaShop version required V1.6, 1.7 and 8.1.X
Last updated on November 2023, written in english
A documentation will be provide to help you install and configured the module
New update from Bihr API are not automaticly apply you will need to contact us


  • If your store already got some BIHR references, you will need to provide additional intervention on my part so as not to create duplicates
  • The module is connected in real time with the BIHR platform
  • You need a DEDICATED server or VPS with a minimum of 6GB of memory
  • You must have SSH Admin access to the server
  • If you are in Multilingual, you will need to give me the ID of the Main language in the DBB
  • Your Prestashop must not be in advanced inventory management mode
  • If you are in Multi-store mode you will need to plan additional development
  • You need the API access code provide by BIHR company which is in this form
Username: or DJE5ER58DS
Mac key prod: B58A8A-ADE84E8-923AB80-F80A7A7-337EF
  • The Bihr API propose a Dropshipping that when an order is placed on your prestashop site, it goes back to the Bihr API and pushes a delivery from Bihr directly to your customer. But we never succeed to use this feature from API side so maybe Bihr didn't really allow it, you need to ask your Bihr sales contact.
  • We added a function in the module which will allow you to export a CSV file of all the orders of the day in order to import this file manually into your Bihr Pro account and you will receive the Bihr products in your store directly the next day.


  1. Synchronize the entire BIHR catalog in real time (title, content, price, stock, references, characteristics, brands, images)
  2. Sync motorcycle brands
  3. Match / create existing categories of your online store
  4. Select the products to import or not
  5. Add discounts or percentages to the entire catalogue or by brand or by category
  6. Control the final price margin
  7. Once the first COMPLETE import is carried out, the CRON tasks twice a day will synchronize the PRICES + STOCK nothing else so if you change the product descriptions for example these will not be overwritten.
  8. You can sell other products from other suppliers than Bihr without any problem
  9. Products that disappear from the Bihr API will be automatically deactivated on your PrestaShop store


If you need any new functions that we haven't developed for this module yet, do not hesitate to contact us by sending a message below.

If you need a advanced search engine vehicule filter by BRAND / TYPE / YEAR / MODEL on your Home page to help visitor to search accessories belong to their motorcycle we have an extra module for that, do not hesitate to contact us by sending a message below.



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This article was updated on 16 January 2024